Eutychus Acts 20:7-12

Poems Vernon L. Harper


He was in a place,
a lofty place,
full of light and truth
and that warm family feeling.
He, like too many others,
was drawn to the outer edges
of what he failed to see was life;
the only life there is,
the only life there ever will be.
Becoming bored with the life
he perched in the window                                                                                             
to watch the world go by,
and in the watching
was enticed into a sleep;
the sleep of the world,
the sleep of the blind.
First came the sleep,
then came the fall;
the fall from the lofty place,
the fall to the world below.
Praise be to God for the Called of God
who can snatch from blindness,
who can snatch from death,
the ones who fall to the world below.
And Eutychus, sweet Eutychus,
angel touched one thousand times upon
his face and cheek;
though he fell to the world dead
was taken home alive
to live again in the lofty place.
Watch closely the windows
for the world still calls.
We must keep him awake!
We must keep them awake!
Our Eutychus

From Book: "Christian Poems and Other Radical Explorations"

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