14# Completed Creation and God’s Rest

The Human Condition Vernon L. Harper

The scripture for today's lesson is found in Genesis 1:31 - Genesis 2:1-3

We know that God took pleasure in what He created in the first chapter of Genesis because scripture tells us He saw that it was good. God then crafted humanity as the crowning jewel of His creation on the sixth day and upon viewing humanity and all that He had created He saw that it was not just good but very good. Then God rested from all His work Genesis 1:31 - 2:1

The idea that God rested from His work does not mean that He is now passive and uninterested in what happens next. It means God’s relationship with this world will no longer be through His own direct creative acts. God will now express His creative light through His relationship with human beings. Humanity was God’s representative made in His image and likeness and the epitome and personification of God's love in action. We originally stood in the lofty and pivotal place as God’s representative to the earth and the earth's representative to God.   

All of God’s creation that we have read in chapter one of Genesis was completed and irrevocable after the sixth day. All these expressions of God’s love in action which is the light contained in each creation day are fixed and forever a fundamental part of creation.

For this reason, we should understand that humanity was just as much an irrevocable part of creation as the separation of the waters or the hanging of the stars in the sky. God would no sooner change human responsibility, authority and powers as He would extinguish the sun. Humanity as created by God is the crown jewel of this world and for Him to alter our place in it in any way is to change creations fundamental nature. 

From the perspective given and information contained in the first chapter of Genesis it is apparent that the world was designed with purpose and that purpose was the government of humanity. It is the corrupted expression of this government that led to the nature of this world being completely devastated after the fall of Man. We will explore in future post how the cruel, violent and fallen world we experience all around us is a direct expression of corrupted human dominion.

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